Advisory group on independent living

The main role of the EDF's advisory group on independent living and community-based services is to advise EDF Board on questions related to independent living and transition from institutions to community based services. The group is also consulted for the EDF's work in relation to independent living.

In 2016, the group contributed to the adoption of the following definition of Independent Living by the EDF Board:

"Independent Living is the daily demonstration of human rights-based disability policies. Independent living is possible through the combination of various environmental and individual factors that allow persons with disabilities to have control over their own lives. This includes the opportunity to make real choices and decisions regarding where to live, with whom to live and how to live. Services must be available, accessible to all and provided on the basis of equal opportunity, free and informed consent and allowing persons with disabilities flexibility in our daily life. Independent living requires that the built environment, transport and information are accessible, that there is availability of technical aids, access to personal assistance and/or community-based services. It is necessary to point out that Independent living is for all persons with disabilities, regardless of the gender, age and the level of their support needs."