COVID-19 Response: Activities of our members

EDF is an umbrella organisation of 100 disability and human rights organisations across Europe. Below is a list of links to their actions and resources.

We use this information to present comprehensive demands and guidance to European institutions shaping European Union (EU) law and upholding the rights of persons with disabilities. If you have any updates on how organisations of persons with disabilities are responding to the COVID19 crisis please contact our External Communications Coordinator André Felix at

Actions and responses by country

European Organisations

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Alzheimer Europe



COFACE Families Europe

Recommendations to help families and the economy bounce back

Request to mobilise CRII, CRII+, EU Funds and the upcoming updated Multiannual Financial Framework to support families and family carers during this COVID-19 pandemic (pdf)

Disabled People International Europe (DPI Europe)

Eurodis (Rare Diseases Europe)

European Association of Cochlear implant users (EURO-CIU)

  • Has expressed deep concern with the inaccessibility of emergency communication and online platforms for education and work

European Association of Service Providers for Persons with Disabilities (EASPD)

European Blind Union

European Union of the Deaf

European Deafblind Union

  • Relayed that it is vital that authorities ensure the accessibility of access to information via television and the internet, and they must address specifically the concerns of deafblind people.

European Federation of Hard of Hearing People (EFHOH)

European Network of (ex)Users and Survivors of Psychiatry

European Union of the Deaf

Inclusion Europe

Mental Health Europe

Social Firms Europe (CEFEC)

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