Erszébet Földesi

Erzsébet FÖLDESI, studied rehabilitation engineering as a post graduation in the Budapest Technical University.

In 1997 she started her activities in the disability movement as the President of Polio Survivors in Hungary.

Since 1998 she has been active as a board member of the National Federation of the Disabled Persons’ Associations (MEOSZ).

In 2002 she was elected as the President of Association of People with Physical Disabilities, Budapest. The Association of disabled people makes advocating and service provision activities not only for their members but for all people with disabilities in Budapest.

She is a board member of the Hungarian Council of Federations of People with Disabilities (FESZT), responsible for EU policies and EDF contact.

From 2005 to 2009, she was the executive committee member of the European Disability Forum. In 2009 she was elected Vice President of EDF.

As a result of her above activities she has gained a lot of experience in the field of disability from the grass root level to national and European level.

She has been involved in different projects on promoting rights of disabled persons and women with disabilities. She organized a number of conferences raising awareness of European disability policies both on local and national level.

Erzebet Földesi has personal experience with disability: physical disability (polio). She has one daughter. She has been working in the open labour market for more than 20 years.