The European Disability Card - in Easy to read

The European Union made the ‘European Disability Card’.
This card could make things easier for people with disabilities
when they visit or live in another country
of the European Union.

The card gives people with disabilities some advantages
in culture, sports and other activities.
For example, people with disabilities can use this card
to pay less when they buy tickets for museums
or football matches.
Or people with intellectual disabilities can use this card
and get information that is easy-to-read and understand.

For the moment, only 8 countries in the European Union use this card:

  • Belgium,
  • Cyprus,
  • Estonia,
  • Finland,
  • Italy,
  • Malta,
  • Romania
  • Slovenia.

That means that the card can be used by people with disabilities
only if they are travelling among these countries.
For example,
a person with disability from Belgium who travels to Italy
can use this card.

You can find more information
on the website of the European Union here:



  • European Disability Forum
    Avenue des Arts 7-8, B-1210 Brussels
    +32 2 329 00 59