How does the EU monitor the implementation of the Convention?

Since 2012, the European Union has set up a mechanism to monitor the implementation of the Convention, called the EU monitoring Framework. EDF is a full member, together with the European Ombudsman, the European Agency of Fundamental Rights (FRA) and the European Parliament. The European Commission withdrew itself from the Framework after the publication of the Concluding Observations of the CRPD Committee to the EU.

During the meetings of the Framework since 2013, the role and the functioning of the Chair and the Secretariat were decided and its working methods were adopted.

  • From May 2013 to October 2015, EDF Chaired the EU Framework and the European Commission performed the role of secretariat.
  • From October 2015 to September 2017: The role of Chairperson and secretariat of the EU framework was taken over by the FRA at the end of 2015 until September 2017.
  • From September 2017 to October 2018: EDF chaired the EU Framework, with the FRA as Secretariat.
  • Since October 2018: the EU Ombudsman took over the chair role, and the European Fundamental Rights Agency remains the secretariat.

The EU Framework complements national monitoring mechanisms in EU Member States and works to enhance synergies with them. Since 2013, the EU Framework organises a yearly meeting with the national monitoring frameworks with the aim to enhance complementarity and synergies in their respective work. The last meeting with the national frameworks took place in May 2018 and focused on political participation.

In 2015, the EU Framework focused on its participation in the EU review process. The Framework presented its functioning and works to the CRPD Committee on 2 April 2015 and contributed to the constructive dialogue on 27 and 28 August 2015 with an opening and closing statement. The Framework members separately met with the Committee before the start of the Constructive Dialogue to give their views on the EU implementation of the CRPD.

More information on the operational provisions, the work programme and the meetings’ agenda and minutes can be found on the Framework’s webpage.

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