How does the EU report to the UN Committee?

The EU has prepared and submitted its initial report to the UN Committee in June 2014. In 2015, the UN Committee will review the report and the work the EU has done for its citizens with disabilities.

In April 2015, the UN Committee will have a first internal discussion on the EU report and they will prepare a list of questions to send to the EU for issues that require further clarification. This list is called “list of issues”. After that, the EU will have to respond to this list of issues. In August 2015, the UN Committee will meet the EU and will thoroughly discuss the report and the answers on the list of issues. This is called “constructive dialogue”. As a result, the UN Committee will give its view on how efficiently the EU has implemented the Convention and will make recommendations for improvement. These are called “concluding observations".

The next report of the EU to the UN CRPD Committee is expected in January 2021. However, the Committee requested the EU to submit within 12 months of the adoption of the CO information in writing on three urgent matters. The EU has to explain what measures it has taken to implement the Committee’s recommendations set out in paragraphs 17, 29 and 77, regarding the declaration of competence, the European Accessibility Act and the monitoring mechanism.

Reporting process in brief