Marion Steff - International Cooperation Manager

Dr Marion Steff manages the international cooperation’s portfolio at EDF. She is actively engaged in advocating for inclusive development, while building the capacity of organisations of persons with disabilities in this field.


Previously, Marion was the SDGs Coordinator at EDF. She was also a Policy Advisor at Sightsavers and focused on inequalities and disabilities. Earlier in her career, Marion conducted a study for the World Bank on higher education and disability in Indonesia; worked in the research team of Montreal Rehabilitation Centre and served as the coordinator of the “Intellectual Disability, Pervasive Developmental Disorders, and Intersectorality” research team for few years. Marion also co-managed the Centre for Disabilities Studies and Services at the University Sunan Kalijaga (Indonesia), in partnership with Academics without Borders. Additionally, Marion was a Disability and Vulnerability Manager for Handicap International Pakistan to support people affected by the floods in 2011.

English, French

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