Coalition for Independent Living (CIL)

  1. The Coalition for Independent Living (CIL) is the largest disability rights organization in Georgia bringing together 26 national and regional disability organizations including: parents; women with disabilities; persons who are deaf; persons who are blind; persons with intellectual disabilities, persons with physical disabilities, etc. CIL actively collaborates with regional disability communities throughout Georgia in order to increase their organizational capacity to advocate more effectively for legal, social, economic, political and cultural inclusion in society and equal justice for women, men and children with different types of disabilities.

    With funding from U.S. and European donors, CIL has implemented many national and regional projects focused on: Government programs; policies and legislation; legal education and advocacy; human rights education; employment development and vocational training; inclusive education; the promotion of public awareness and accessible environments, etc. CIL has pioneered national efforts to increase the participation of voters with disabilities in all elections.