European Cooperation in Anthroposophical Curative Education and Social Therapy (ECCE)

  1. The acronym of the association written in blue and the two E letters are represented by a kind of euro sign

    The ‘European Co-operation in Anthroposophical Curative Education and Social Therapy’ was set up in 1992 in the Netherlands with the objective to represent people with special needs and to protect their interests at the European level, from an anthroposophical perspective. ECCE is a Non Governmental Organization.

    The ECCE represents through umbrella organizations about 450 parents’ associations and professional organizations in 18 European countries.

    ECCE member-organizations provide a wide range of facilities, including education, work, residential care, support of families, home help, out-patient services and vocational training courses. Therapies, such as medical care and treatment, massages, movement therapy and several forms of art therapy are used.

    If no exclusion, no need for inclusion