International Federation of Persons with Physical Disability (FIMITIC)

  1. The sign of wheelchair in the opening of the white door.

    Active since 1958, FIMITIC asbl (International Federation of Persons with Physical Disability) is an international, non-profit, politically independent and religiously neutral association of national non-profit organizations. The purpose of FIMITIC asbl is the improvement of social, occupational and societal conditions of persons with physical disability. Present in 18 countries, it is a network to share knowledge, good practices and methodology.

    FIMITIC promotes the equalization of opportunities for disabled persons and fights against their discrimination. More specifically, FIMITIC asbl aims for the improvement worldwide of social relations among persons with physical disabilities, strengthening of the representation of interests within the national member organizations and institutions, and the development of demands and actions vis-a-vis authorities, influential institutions and other bodies in matters of a supranational nature with the aim to improve the rights and opportunities of persons with physical disabilities to achieve full social equality and full participation.