1. Swedish Disability Rights Federation - Funktionsrätt Sverige

    The Swedish Disability Rights Federation is the united voice of the Swedish disability movement. We inform public opinion about disabilities related matters. Further we act as a referral body in relation to the government, the parliament and national authorities.

    The federation was founded 1942 and consists today of 41 national disability organisations with about 400 000 individual members. The basis for all work at the Swedish Disability Rights Federation is the principle of equal value of all people and everybody´s right to self-determination and full participation in society.

    Our vision is a society for all, characterized by solidarity, equality and participation. Our goals are based on the UN-convention on the rights for people with disabilities, CRPD. To achieve this, political initiatives are required in many fields; medical care, support services, education and training, labour market policy, physical planning, culture and information.

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