2020 Photo Competition "Inaccessible Places”

22 September 2020


We are looking for photos showing inaccessible places for persons with disabilities(in various areas of life: images of public, private places related to work, leisure, cultural or sportive life, etc.).

Inaccessibility is understood for the purpose of this competition as the lack of appropriate measures, including the inadequate design of places, preventing access to persons with disabilities on an equal basis with others. Thus, inaccessible places also prevent an independent approach, entry, evacuation and/or use of places and facilities by persons with disabilities, and/or pose a risk to the health, safety and welfare to the person with a disabilities when using the inaccessible place.

Who can apply?

EU/EEA citizens or residents from all ages and there is no entry fee. Participation is individual, not as an organization.

What can you submit?

All participants must submit the following three:

  1. One single high-resolution photo (300dpi) with image description (alt-text).
    Allowed: editing, filters, camera built-in effects.
    Not allowed: Collages (more than one photo), watermarks, text, or other elements added to the photo.

  2. A short description in English including the author’s name, and the city and country where the photo was taken.

  3. A signed copy of the Rights Authorization (page 4). Two signatures are needed, one from the person who took the picture and one from the person(s) appearing IN the picture. Participants taking a photograph of children, ensure that they obtain and provide us with the written consent of that child’s parents/guardian.

The entries will be judged based on the following criteria:

  • Quality of the picture
  • Innovation
  • Reativity
  • Relevance to the theme

Entries that are offensive, defamatory or obscene, or that disclose unnecessary personal information will also be rejected from the competition.


The three final nominees will receive:

  • 1st place award: 500 euros
  • 2nd place award: 300 euros
  • 3rd place award: 200 euros

How do you enter?

The entries can be submitted by emailing them to Raquel Riaza – Raquel.Riaza@edf-feph.org

All submissions are due on the 30th of October 2020, 23.59 CET

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