Austrian Presidency has unique chance to cement legacy by adopting the European Accessibility Act

3 July 2018

The Austrian Presidency has a chance to cement their legacy by concluding negotiations on a European Accessibility Act that assures the rights of persons with disabilities.

The European Disability Forum has been campaigning for a European Accessibility Act for years. Our efforts paid off in 2015, when the European Commission proposed the European Accessibility Act, a law that would make many products and services more accessible for persons with disabilities. However, 2 years and a half later, the Act is still on trilogues.

Important advances have been made under the Bulgarian Presidency, but several important points remain to be decided. They include emergency services, public procurement and EU funds, built environment and micro-enterprises.

We welcome the Austrian Presidency inclusion of the European Accessibility Act in their programme. We hope they will successfully overcome the objections of some Member States towards a strong European Accessibility Act.

Yannis Vardakastanis, President of the European Disability Forum, stated:

The Austrian Presidency has a unique opportunity to leave their mark as defenders of the rights of persons with disabilities. For this, they need to conclude a strong Act that fully guarantees our rights.

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