Declaration to support accessible tourism

27 April 2015

The Written Declaration 015/2015 on accessible tourism which was launched on 27 April by several MEPs, including some of the Disability Intergroup, has now already been signed by more than half of the MEPs. This is will send a strong message in support of persons with disabilities in Europe.

A written declaration is a text relating to a matter falling within the competence of the European Union. It is not a binding act of Parliament but it represents the views of the authors and signatories and it is significant because it can highlight certain issues on the political agenda so it is important that as many MEPs as possible sign it. The fact that the majority of MEPs signed the declaration already before its end date (27 July) shows that there is very strong support in the European Parliament for issues concerning accessibility and persons with disabilities. There are many on-going declarations and most of them do never reach the necessary amount of signatories so it is quite significant that the awareness is there and that the Disability Intergroup has done a good job to promote the cause among their colleagues.

EDF will continue working on this topic and use the positive momentum to engage MEPs.


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