Disability Intergroup Bureau sets path to 2019

18 September 2018

The Bureau of the Disability Intergroup of the European Parliament met the 13 of September to discuss the progress on the work plan for 2018, as well as its communication plan. EDF, as Secretariat of the Disability Intergroup, gave an update on the main priorities until May 2019, namely the EU budget proposals and the upcoming EU elections.

The following are the main decisions taken at the meeting:

  • EDF will upload the Disability Intergroup workplan on its website and will keep the document updated for easy reference and transparency of this intergroup activities.
  • MEP Stevens and MEP Plura will co-host an event on the EU parking card (dates to be confirmed).
  • MEP Plura will host the New Year Disability Intergroup reception, preceded with an event on political participation and the EU elections (tentative date: 4th week of January).
  • EDF will study the possibilities for the Disability Intergroup to be more present on social media.

Other planned events on ICT accessibility, the EU Funds and the Disability Card are being organized also being organized. The information will be soon available on the Disability Intergroup newsletter.

Finally, MEP Plura informed the group that he will organise an event on 9 October about little people, and MEP Stevens is currently reviewing a set of guidelines about political participation of persons with disabilities, developed by the OECD, which will be ready by the end of this year.

The next Disability Intergroup Bureau meeting will take place in December and will plan the activities of the intergroup until the European Elections in May 2019.


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