EDF launches the report “Plug and Pray?”

15 May 2019
We increasingly see new technology breakthroughs related to Artificial Intelligence, virtual assistants, augmented reality, robotics, smart environments, etc. This is why last year EDF, along with its accessibility and technology experts, looked at the impact of these emerging technologies to the lives of persons with disabilities.

This resulted in the report "Plug and Pray - A disability perspective on artificial intelligence, automated decision-making and emerging technologies (Accessible PDF)"

Some conclusions of the report include:

  • Teams working on new technologies are not diverse enough. Industry needs to assure that their teams reflect diversity of general population; 
  • Accessibility and principles of Universal Design should be part of the curricula when teaching design, computer sciences, user experience and other related subjects.
  • Organisations of persons with disabilities and organisations working on digital rights need to work closer together. 



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