European Parliament adopts Declaration on Accessible Tourism

27 July 2015
Woman in wheelchair at the beach

EDF welcomes the adoption by the European Parliament of the Written Declaration 015/2015 on accessible tourism, which was launched last April by several MEPs, including Members of the Disability Intergroup.

The declaration has been signed by more than 380 MEPs, showing Parliament’s strong commitment to persons with disabilities in Europe, to their right to mobility and equal access to tourism, leisure, transports and information. The declaration will now be sent to the European Commission. MEPs urge the Commission to raise awareness among stakeholders and economic operators on the need for increased accessibility in tourism.

EDF fully support this declaration and thanks the authors of the declaration, its great promotion by the Disability Intergroup and all the MEPs who signed it.

We firmly believe that accessible tourism is a very important area that brings together all the different aspects of accessibility, both for tourists but also for locals with disabilities. It also has the potential to boost employment and the local economy at a time where many regions in the EU are still struck hard by the crisis. That’s why we also firmly believe that tourism must be covered by the upcoming European Accessibility Act (EAA). The Act will be key for accessible tourism because it will ensure that persons with disabilities can participate in cultural and social life in the community on an equal basis with others. EDF expects that the Act will include concrete provisions on accessibility of transport, built environment, culture and leisure activities that will make it easier for persons with disabilities in the EU to work and travel. This is why we urge the European Commission to publish the Act as soon as possible, taking an ambitious approach and including the areas named above to make the Act a meaningful and strong piece of legislation.


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