Meeting of the Bureau of the European Parliament Disability Intergroup

12 May 2016

On 12 May, the Bureau of the Disability Intergroup organised a meeting in Strasbourg. Among others, MEPs discussed the state of play of the EP report on the UN CRPD Concluding Observations, and various communications aspects related to the adoption of the report. Many of the intergroup Bureau members are involved in the report, either as rapporteur, shadow rapporteurs or rapporteurs for opinion.

The final report will be soon adopted, as an EP resolution. This will happen during the July EP plenary session (4-7 July). MEPs will organise a press conference. MEPs decided to have a full Intergroup meeting during the plenary session on 7 July to maintain the dialogue with DPOs. The topic will thus be the CRPD concluding Observations, and the implementation of the CRPD.


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