Member Organisations

As of 2020 we are 100 member organisations strong across 30+ countries! There are four membership categories:

Our full member organisations are twenty-eight (28) National Councils of Persons with Disabilities and twenty-four (24) European Organisations representing persons with disabilities.

Our ordinary members are eleven (11) organisations for persons with disabilities that are consistent with our aims and objectives.

Our observer members are three (3) national organisations of persons with disabilities from countries outside the European Union.

Our associate members are thirty-two (32) non-profit organisations or companies that are committed to promoting our aims.

The rights and obligations of each membership category are defined in EDF's statutes and internal rules. Membership is acquired following a resolution of the Board or General Assembly and the payment of the applicable membership fee.

Benefits of an EDF membership

  • Access to a well-established network of advocacy toward European institutions including the Disability Intergroup within European Parliament.
  • Connections to over 100 organisations within the disability field.
  • The possibility to nominate candidates to our working structures.
  • Skill development oportunities for disability advocates and training to help in organisational development.
  • Expertise sharing and practice exchange through our committees and e-mail expert groups.
  • Regular events on various topics co-organised with EU Institutions including European Days of Persons with Disabilities with the European Commission, European Parliament Disability Intergroup events, and the Work Forum to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Persons with Disabilities.
  • Weekly Members Mailing and monthly newsletters. 
  • We publicize work and organisations through our network, including through dedicated pages on our website.

Interested in becoming our member? See contact information below