Our secretariat

We are a small team based in Brussels working to track European Union (EU) policy and proposals relevant to persons with disabilities and coordinating inclusive disability rights advocacy accordingly.

Our policy teams work with member organisations through the Committees and expert groups to produce comprehensive guidance that includes perspectives from a range of disabilities, sectors, and countries, and support the national advocacy of our members.

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Our accessibility team coordinates our policy work and projects on accessibility including passenger rights, telecommunications and standardization.

Human Rights and Social Policy

Our human rights and social policy team coordinates our policy work and projects on human rights including at the European Economic and Social Committee and at the Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD).

International Cooperation

The international cooperation team handles our advocacy and development work beyond the EU including on the Sustainable Development Goals.

Office management

Our office management team is in charge of our office (and home office) well-being, finances and events.


Our communications team manages membership and all communications including our website, social media, open letters and statements.


We are part of the project Disability Advocacy Research in Europe

  • European Disability Forum
    Avenue des Arts 7-8, B-1210 Brussels
    +32 2 329 00 59