Social security benefits - in Easy to read

‘Social security benefits’ means that a country gives money or
other things to people in need.
For example, a country may: 

  • give people with disabilities some money
    to help them have a better life,
  • give poor people some money or a house to live in,
  • give money to people who do not have work
    or help them find a job,
  • pay for a person who is sick to go to the hospital,
  • give money to older people when they stop working.

These social benefits are really important for all people.
Anyone may need support sometime.
So it is important that all people have access to social benefits. 

Thanks to the European Union, you can get these benefits
wherever you live in the European Union.
If you move to another country of the European Union,
you have the right to get social benefits from this country
like the people who live there. 

You can find more information
on the website of the European Union here:



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