Electronic communications products and services are crucial means for people with disabilities to get informed and communicate. In this respect, EDF is calling for:

  • Accessibility of terminal equipments, networks and services in order to have an end-to-end connectivity.
  • Interoperability between mainstream and assistive technologies.
  • Affordability of electronic communications equipment.
  • Providing sufficient, adequate and accessible information about the quality of services.
  • Promoting the Design for All or Universal Access Approach.

The European Union Regulatory Framework for Electronic Communications Networks and Services, the so-called Telecoms Package, is the European framework on electronic communications, in which EDF has participated by suggesting:

  • Requiring accessible and affordable terminal equipments, networks and services.
  • Clarifying ICTs mentions to ensure use of, access to and affordability for all end-users, including persons with disabilities.
  • Improving the measures concerning people with disabilities.
  • Ensuring equal access to emergency services for people with disabilities.
  • Creating an effective mechanism to address e-accessibility issues.

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