In a nutshell, VIVID:T project’s main aim is to create a global community of practice working towards disability inclusion in humanitarian action and volunteering.


  • Increase the capacity of EU organisations to manage and oversee inclusive humanitarian aid projects,
  • Support EU organisations to become certified sending organisations of EU Aid volunteers,
  • Run inclusive volunteering programmes and develop a community of practice building capacity in inclusion, humanitarian action and volunteering,
  • Share this knowledge with the sector to increase awareness on the topic.

With the above-mention objectives, the project’s ambitions are clear: getting inclusive procedures and systems for all the organisations. Importantly, the project is a model for the EU to support disability inclusive volunteering.


CBM with other partners received the funding from EU Aid Volunteers initiative (EUAV) for technical assistance. The total budget of the project is 737 196 EUR (the EU grant represents 85% of this amount)


The total timeframe of this project is two years, from January 2020 until January 2022.


The project is implemented with the lead of CBM Ireland and includes:


We, as an organisation of persons with disabilities (DPOs) would like to ensure that all outputs of the project are fully disability-accessible. EDF will also become certified as a sending organisation to deploy volunteers.