What does EDF do? in Easy to read

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The European Union is very important for everybody in Europe.

The European Union is a group of European countries
working together to give a better life to the people living in Europe.

We use “EU” as short for “European Union”.

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The EU writes laws and takes important decisions.

The work of the EU creates changes
in the lives of people living in Europe.

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EDF makes the work of the EU better.

EDF talks to the people of the EU
to make sure they do not forget disabled people.

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EDF proposes the EU new laws.

These new laws will make the lives of disabled people better.

For example, EDF worked with the EU on a law
against discrimination.

EDF wants the rights of disabled people to be respected
in all European countries.

This means that

cross over group of people excluding a person in a wheelchair user 

  • disabled people should not be discriminated against anymore

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  • disabled people have the right to work

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  • disabled people have the right to make decisions
    about their own life

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  • buildings must all be accessible for disabled people
    for example with lifts or ramps for wheel chair users

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  • things like TV, internet and mobile phones
    must be accessible for disabled people

In terms of education,
it means that disabled people have the right

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  •  to good education

persons of different ages reading

  • to lifelong learning,
    which means learning things during your whole life

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  • to choose which school they want to go to

  • to be able to study abroad
  • to get books and material in an accessible format.
    This means for example
    • books in easy-to-read for people with intellectual disabilities
    • books read out loud on tapes for people who cannot read.

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 to ask the teachers to give lessons and material
 which are accessible.



Finally, in terms of transport, it means that

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  • all transport must be accessible for disabled people

  • the information about the time
    and about the place of departure and arrival
    must be given in an accessible form

person in a wheelchair holding up a card with person helping them

  • support staff must be available
    to help disabled people when they need it.
    For example someone must be available at the station
    to help disabled people find the right platform.

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  •  drivers and all staff working in the transports
     need to be trained to speak with and help disabled people

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