What's Going on?

The Youth Committee works on numerous aspects linked to youth. The Youth Committee contributes to the different positions that EDF publishes has its own Work Programme that follows the ones of EDF and is open to project that empowers youth.

Accessibility of EURES Programme

The Youth Committee has answered to the consultation launched on the accessibility of EURES programme.

Accessibility of Youth Programmes

The Youth Committee has heard from many young people with disability about their difficulty to participate to a mobility youth programme. Therefore the members committee have decided to make some research and gather some experiences from young people with disabilities.

They would also like in the same time to analyse the situation of the young participants and come with some legislative bag round from the UNCRPD, the right to participate, European one, the freedom of movement and bring proposal to the European Commission, the funding resource of these programmes to bring improvement and allow a better participation of young people with disabilities.

Previous meetings

On May 4 - 5 2018 EDF Youth Committee had their first full face-to-face meeting in Athens, co-hosted and organised by the NCDP in Greece. Humberto Insolera from our Executive was present, supporting with his experience the Committee, and also the EDF President Yannis Vardakastanis had a dynamic exchange of views with the Youth Committee on Saturday morning. You can find pictures from our meetings in twitter with the hastag #EDFYouth

The decisions taken during the meeting included:

  • The development of a youth Manifesto in EDF to be adopted at the beginning of 2019
  • Capacity building including online trainings run by the EDF secretariat in important issues like the SDGs, the CRPD, the semester and other topics/areas of EDF work
  • An EDF newsletter, Disability Voice, to mark International Youth Day in August 12, focusing on youth
  • The planning of a conference with EDF on youth employment
  • A training for the EDF AGA in 2019 on youth issues
  • Long-term plan to mobilise resources towards an EDF Youth conference
  • EDF to joined the European Youth Forum in order to be more formally involved in the youth movement, to help influence their work on youth with disabilities and to bring the perspective of youth with disabilities if a Convention on Youth Rights will be adopted

All opportunities will be used to ensure full inclusion of youth in all aspects of EDF work.

The Youth Committee Chair was present at the EDF AGA in Lithuania in May where Kamil Goungor introduced the Committee and its future plans.

The Youth Committee will be part of the EDF delegation to the European Day of Persons with Disabilities in Brussels in 2018 and will use the opportunity to meet again on the 2nd of December.