The right to study - in Easy to read

The European Union gives people the right to study
at the university of any country in the European Union.
For example, a Belgian student can go study at a university in Romania and
pay the same money as students in Romania. 

The European Union has programmes that help students go study
in other countries in the European Union.
For example, the ‘Erasmus programme’.
With the Erasmus programme, the European Union
gives money to students to do part of their studies
in another country of the European Union.
This way, students have the chance
to get to know another country and its culture,
meet other students, learn and have a good time.

Students with disabilities should have this chance too.
They can also ask the European Union for more money
if they need to have a support person with them or other kind of help.

You can find more information
on the website of the European Union here: individuals/physical-mental-conditions_en


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