The right to work - in Easy to read

The European Union has laws
that protect the right of people with disabilities to work.

rwo people working

The laws say that people with disabilities have the right to work
like everyone else.
They should not be treated badly or unfairly
just because they have a disability. 

Offices and other things should be accessible for people with disabilities.

For example:

  • Offices should have ramps so that people in wheelchairs can go in.

ramp with a wheelchair on it

  • Blind or deaf people should have the right technology so that they can work without problems.

people working

Also, the European Union makes it possible
to move to another country of it and work there.
You will then have the same rights as the people who live in this country.

Map of the EU

You can find more information
on the website of the European Union here:


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