Youth Projects

To insure the presence of young people with disabilities within the youth movement, EDF is actively involved in its partnership with the European Youth Forum, with the Erasmus Students Network and other partners. This results in common activities or projects. Thus we make sure that disability issues are taken into account and young people with disabilities can participate better.

The European Youth Event

This event gathers thousands of young people, to discuss important youth rights together with the decision makers.

In 2016 in Strasbourg, the second edition of this event took place and EDF was there. Some members of the Youth Committee and some young people form our members organisations.

EDF was on the Agenda with three activities and spoke at some panels.

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Exchangebility and Mapability continues with Mapped. There is still a lot to do on the accessibility of higher Education for young people with disabilities and even more when it comes for young people with disability to follow an exchange programme.

To go at another university to study abroad brings many questions: Where can I get assistance? Is the building of my University accessible? Where can I independently leave? And what about leasure activities?

This project tries to answer to all these questions.

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